Thursday, August 22, 2013

Prompt Drabble 2: Lizard Thunder, titled "The Lizard King"

So the next time I tried finding a picture prompt, but the ones I got all involved either Russia (boo! hiss!), or sleeping cats. Wasn't feeling those.  So I found this random prompt generator where you can choose how many elements are selected for you.  I chose to go with two elements, as 5 seemed kind of overwhelming.

The prompts for this one are:
The story starts during a thunderstorm. The story must have a lizard in it.
That seemed doable, but things got crazy.  So several month and hundreds of miles later, I'm ready to finish this.

The title of course references my two most common associations with lizards: the prevalent blue bellied lizard of Siskiyou county, and Jim Morrison, Mister Mojo Risin', also known as the Lizard King, who is forever a part of my mind thanks to my mother.
And just because I can, penguins chasing a butterfly.

Because that's how I roll.