Friday, April 5, 2013

Prompt Drabble 1: Toothbrush

So obviously, this writing thing is being a pain in the ass.  So in attempt to just write anything, I'm now going to attempt to do a drabble in 10 minutes, based on a random image search.  My current prompt is based on a picture of unopened toothbrushes from someone's journal.  Don't know why someone would find it necessary to post a picture of toothbrushes (I only saw the picture, not the entry), and this is what inspired my drabble.

Andreas frowned, studying the shelf.  How on Earth would he choose? Square bristles? Wavy bristles, blue bristles to tell you when to throw it out (why would a human need that? couldn't they tell?) brushes with angled necks, flexible necks, electric toothbrushes.... it boggled the mind.  Granted, Andreas had been asleep for 30 years, but was all of this seemed rather excessive.

This whole world seemed excessive, with computers that took the place of phones and fit in the palm of you hand.  He'd been in stores and restaurants where couples spent the entire time poking at the screens.  And coffee, good Lord, what had happened to coffee?  What would cause humans to wait in line for 5 minutes for a damned cup of coffee.

Of course, Andreas hadn't actually had coffee in 60 years.  And he was intimately familiar with human excess and it's downsides.  It was why he'd been chosen; his hedonistic lifestyle is what drew his sire's attention in the first place.  But after a few decades, she'd tired of him.  She's disappeared one night, gone out of his life as though she'd never been a part of it.  It had broken him, to lose his creator and lover, the center of world.  So he'd found an abandoned mine and gone to sleep.

"Target shoppers, the store is now closing.  Please bring you purchases to the register and a have a good night."

Andrea glanced up at the ceiling. Frowning, he rubbed the sharp tip of a canine with his tongue. It was time to move on.  He'd woken up to find himself in a new world, and it was time to embrace this new world.  Reaching out,  Andreas plucked the boxed electric toothbrush off of the shelf.

It was a new century, after all.


  1. Damn humans and their ridiculous technology! I didn't really think about all the different toothbrushes, but yeah...poor Andreas.

  2. WONDERFUL!!!!!

    I love it--you must keep making more like this. Or more OF this, I'm not picky. You've lost none of your style or talent. This is a really fun, well-written piece.